PUMA Talent Development Talk

Web Based Training “PUMA Talent Development Talk” for worldwide executives

eLearning Journal Award 2019 – breed DESIGN with PUMA

Award Winning Training

For PUMA we developed the interactive, multimedia learning program “PUMA Talent Development Talk” – and were awarded the eLearning Award 2019. The aim was to use the WBT to provide the best possible training of the internal talent development talks for the responsible managers worldwide.

Project documentation of the eLearning Journal (only in German)
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'Why these talks'

Hand knitted and mouth blown

As one of the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturers, PUMA relies on modern technologies and individual design – not only with regard to its own product world. That’s why we didn’t use a conventional authoring tool, but programmed directly in our own HTML5 framework individually for PUMA. The framework is easy to use, adaptive and can be used across all end devices – stationary desktop PCs as well as tablets.
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'Letter of motivation'
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'What's the benefit for …?'

High degree of interaction

This learning program illustrates the ideal process for employee and talent development. During the training, the manager acts as a first-person interviewer in a variety of simulated scenarios. Using interactive interview processes and realistic simulations, the program aims to increase your understanding of new materials. This method of learning results in a high degree of immersion, especially for a web-based training.

High degree of immersion

The learning program illustrates the process of an ideal-typical talent development talk in an exemplary way. During the entire training, the manager takes the first-person perspective and finds himself in a simulated interview situation. Different interview processes can be experienced realistically. Numerous interactive tasks and realistic simulations help to better understand and apply the new knowledge. This results in an unusually high degree of immersion for a WBT.
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'Hello! I'm Anna Green'
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'Structure your talk'
Screenshot PUMA Talent Development Talk 'My notes
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