Independent information and evaluation portal for interested car buyers.

Independent car comparison portal is an unbiased, research-based car evaluation and purchase recommendation tool. Not only did we provide polished UX / UI designs, but we handled the database construction and implementation of the backend and frontend from start to finish.
Full responsive web service

High user-friendliness

By using product algorithms, can calculate the optimal time to purchase a car. They provide purchase recommendations for specific brands, as well as provide relevant information based on expected facelifts or future model changes. This is illustrated by their “Motorized Timeline” feature. Here, users can find their ideal car and filter according to brand, model, base price, fuel usage, and even drive type.
Screenshot of the motorized timeline
Screenshot of the motorized main facts

Intuitive UX / UI design

The frontend design is visually appealing, while being simple and intuitive to use. The backend infrastructure includes a complete adminsistration system that was built on top of a detailed database.

Clear, visually appealing design

As part of the University of St Gallen, is based on accurate studies and academic research. The straightforward design of the portal emphasizes and conveys the demand set forth by the University.
Mobile appearance of the motorized filters
Mobile appearance of the home page
Mobile appearance motorized facts and timeline
We are constantly looking for support, particularly freelancers, in the following areas:
  • eLearning Authors (m/f/d)
  • Frontend Developers (m/f/d)
  • UI/UX Designers (m/f/d)
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