Petites Boutiques

Web service for small, independent boutiques to generate attention and reach on the internet.

Web service for fashion lovers and boutiques

Petites Boutiques is a fully designed web service that encompasses both a front end interface as well as a backend infrastructure. Besides being a world-class shopping experience, Petites Boutiques supports local retailers by providing them with a cost-effective platform for displaying media. The online portal displays the retailer’s preferences based on specific, filtered criteria.
The Petites Boutiques web service is full responsive

More customer reach through web and app

Through the user-friendly Petites Boutiques app, each retailer can create, maintain, and update their page according to their style and branding. This gives the boutique the freedom to present their latest collections directly to their user base and potential customers. Retailers can further expand their following by linking the app to their social media channels.
Screenshots of the Petites Boutiques App
Screenshots der Petites Boutiques Website

Comfortable handling

In the Petites Boutiques app, shoppers and fashionistas can search for independent boutiques in their city. Users can filter shops based on their style and taste, and even find out more information about the shop’s location and opening hours. Our extensive filtering criteria organizes retailers by tags, content, and topics so users are able find the right shop in just a few, easy touches.


With Petites Boutiques, we built more than just the stylish design you see in the app. We managed the entire process from beginning to end. From designing corporate marketing materials to implementing a structured backend system, we developed a high-quality app that creates the ultimate shopping experience for both retailers and their consumers.
Marketing-Broschüre für die Akquise neuer Kunden
Die Petites Boutiques-App im Apple App Store
Social Media-Kampagne, um neue User aufmerksam zu machen
We are constantly looking for support, particularly freelancers, in the following areas:
  • eLearning Authors (m/f/d)
  • Frontend Developers (m/f/d)
  • UI/UX Designers (m/f/d)
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